Aleppo: Deconstruction | Reconstruction, is a series of 15 works on paper exploring places in Syria (mainly Aleppo) that are part of my family history, ranging from the everyday to the tragic, forming an Aleppo otherwise only reached through memory. Focusing on the destruction of the city and wondering if these places still exist, I’ve asked family members to help locate these places as a way of solidifying this disappearing landscape. I found these locations on Google Earth and created digital drawings printed on archival paper as a foundation, simulating bombed-out areas, and went back into them with tape, pencil, and thread. Each work sits alongside text, reading as part of a story with excerpts of memories, mainly from my Uncle Nabil and my mother, of these places defining what may no longer exist.  

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Aleppo: Deconstruction | Reconstruction is now a book, published by Kerber Verlag in Berlin in April 2020, and will be in stores in Fall 2020. Please contact me if you’d like any advance copies.  See the press release here.


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